Beer Adventures: Son of Pub Blog

So, some of you, many in probable fact, remember long ago on a website not far from here I had myself a pub review blog akin to Donald Kennedy’s Burger blog. Well, I’m going to try to revive it a little bit, but this time less critic’s eye and more flare and pizzaz. I’m not great at being mean, but I like flares and so I’ll try to exploit myself that way.

Sure I’ll critic the odd ale house, but I’ll also try to provide some pointers for new beer drinkers and look at Victoria’s brew scene. Maye I’ll even explore further abroad. Like Vancouver…ooohhhh. Maybe I’ll even explore a broad! But that’s for the future. For now I’ll ramble on like my ol’self.

By stopping here.

Actually, no, I won’t. I’ll continue on for a moment to say this:

Ya, this is, like, my 20th attempt at a blog, but I’m still learning, so if you have any pointers, or sugestions, please mention them. I do have a certain design style in mind, but in no way am I there, so I might or might not take your advice. But since I might, you should definetly give it to me.. Definitely.

Um, so, let’s see. Yeah, I think that just about covers it. We cool?


About roguetowel

Canadian male. Likes to travel. Blogs about it. You know, that sort of stuff.

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  1. I’ve bookmarked you, so here’s hoping that this works out wonderfully for you! Good luck!

  2. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drink!

  3. Let me know if you need any help tasting…a second opinion maybe…

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