Starting with Death

In order to gain some momentum, I’m going to double post today.

I know, blogger faux pas, but shove it, aight?

So I’m sitting here, in front Lappy McToperson and decided to crack a beer. Those who know me, guess what it was?

Your right, it is a dark one! Congrats! You win the right to keep reading. Everyone else, stop there!

Ok, good, that should give us some space from the lager drinker right now. Not that I hate lagers. Actually, I don’t know why I did that. Seems unneccesary. Hmm…

Anyway, yes, yam drinking a porter. This particular one is BLACK DEATH from Russell Brewing. A local outfit with a couple well known more widely produced beers, this one is about the same darkness as Guinness, but with a more copper shade. Yes, sunlight does go through it. Flavour is alright, as with most dark beers, as it warms a little it improves. There’s some sweetness in there that seems like too much when it’s right out of the fridge, but now that it’s had some time to breathe in a pint glass and warm a smidge it’s sipping quite nicely. For a more in depth review check out this.

So what is a porter? I thought you might ask. To most people it’s just a really dork beer…er dark. From what my research tells me (Wikipedia) (Ok, actually there was more) it’s English, obviously, and was more of a beer for the lower class. It got it’s name from the fact it was popular with people who transported goods around cities, who were called porters. For the record, stout is a type of porter. It’s a stronger, stouter, version.


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Canadian male. Likes to travel. Blogs about it. You know, that sort of stuff.

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  1. Things for the trackback! Good luck with the blog – looks good so far. Let me know if you start a blogroll and we can exchange listings if you’re interested


  2. Brendan Kergin

    Thanks man! As soon as I figure out what a blogroll is I’ll let you know!

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