Multi-Media Me

Ok, so I’ve got myself a twitter account for tidbits and article links now! It’s at @BrendansBeerAdv, so go follow me.

Great, thanks!

Getting a twitter account made me think, what kind of beer media is out there? A ton of blogs now doubt, and every brewry has a website, but are there many interesting takes on ale online? Well, I haven’t actually researched this much, so I’ll go check now.

Well, a quick twitter search reveals almost 200 breweries use that service, which isn’t  big surprise considering the new media revolution going on. It does seem a little odd though, since brewers tend to have an old-timey aura about them, but in this day and age of experimental beers and expanding micro-beer dominance, there is going to be beer people in every niche of media.

Then there are a couple breweries with youtube channels, where they take you on tours of the site or learn about the beers the make. Fairly basic stuff, but if your interested where you’re getting that buzz from, it’s kinda cool. I’m a fan of Rogue and Lighthouse, so there’s their videos.

And of course Facebook is a natural choice for some breweries, like Phillips or Vancouver Island Brewery.

Any ideas for other spots to find interesting media/beer ? Any other types of media or interesting online social marketing ? Let me know! As much as I love beer I love internet media!


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