Crop-tacular beers

Ok, so for some reason, aliens and beer are getting together. To me, this makes sense, it’s our greatest product. If I was on an interplanetary road trip, I would so invade earth for a couple of cases, maybe a keg and tap.

“Take me to your lagers.”

I don’t think that the flying saucers spotted before were actually saucers, they’re beer mats. People were just polite in the naming and now aliens are associated with tea and not frothy, hoppy beer. Until now.

Phillips has unleashed the hoppiest beer I’ve ever tasted, in the alien themed Hop Circle IPA. It’s a lot like their original IPA, but this time it’s been dry hopped for more hops flavour and a bunch of extra nose (according to my friend). It’s got a bit of sweetness, or citrus, to it, despite the hops. This actually might be because of the overwhelming hops. Hops, hops, hops. It’s Phillips, he likes hops, and this goes all the way over on his “Malt – Hops” scale.

Aside from the hops flavour, I think the best word for this beer is fresh. Beer isn’t normally fresh, but this definitely is. You can taste the greenness of it. Releasing this right before summer was a great idea, ’cause many a sipper will sit and simmer in the summer sun. The funny thing about calling this fresh is that it’s an IPA, which were originally popular after long times on sea journeys from England (Pale Ale) to Inda (India).

There isn’t much more to say about it though, since it is a sort of one trick pony. If you like hops or strong flavours, you’ve got a winner. If you’re looking for an alternative to hefeweizen when living on your porch, gopher it. Also, if you get a chance, read the stuff on the bottle or box. Give yourself a point for every sci-fi reference you understand.

Now, so I don’t become a one trick pony, let’s continue talking about aliens and beer. Why? Because there’s more there then you might think. This because crop circles exist. What do you think of when yo here crop circles? Thats right, marketing opportunity.

No, really, Crop CirclesA couple years ago I heard about a type of beer made from the barley where crop circles appear. It turns out a couple brewries were onto the idea and there at least a couple places (one in England and some on/near Long Island, NY, USA) that have brewed Crop Circle Ales. It sounds like while it’s an ok beer, the beer is still more gimmick then product. In that case I’ll go from Hop Circles over Crop Circles. But I still love interplanetary roadtrips.


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