Best Beer Album

So, beer and music are such a common partnership it’s hard to really define it, other than SUPER. And while many people enjoy a bottle or draft while at a show, there are a bunch of songs dedicated to drinking itself, in particular beer. Generally the beer ballads are rowdy rockers tinged with Celtic, country, or blues influences.

This was the best I could come up with

I actually own an album called the Best Beer Drinking Album Ever. However, I might have to disagree with some of the producers choices. I think it’s actually part one of a three volume set, but I digress. First off, this is an album of pop/rock songs, not to be confused with other drinking music based out of Ireland. So it’s got kind of a kitschy edge to it. Also, for some reason it has a song called “Go For a Soda” by Kim Mitchell. Not that I have anything against Mitchell, but the song is all about NOT DRINKING!!!

Come on, in all the music produced over the last half century, there should be at least 18 songs that rock out to the subject of beer, or at least of a proper, non-redneck attitude towards drinking. So I decided to make a list. At the same time, I don’t know all the best drinking songs out there, so I’m looking for help.

Here’s a list of songs I’ve come up with so far, some of which are on “The Best Beer Drinking Album Ever” because they’re obvious choices:

Spirit of the West – Home for a Rest

Spirit of the West – The Crawl

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping

Semisonic – Closing Time

Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies

Dropkick Murphys – Spicy McHaggis Jig

Dropkick Murphys – Wild Rover

Buck-o-Nine – Irish Drinking Song

Jimmy George -Token Celtic Drinking Song

The Pogues – Sally MacLennane

Shakey – Irish Party

Classified – Maritimes

Connemara Stone Company – Give us a Stout

Real Big Fish – Beer

Da Vincis – Another Irish Drinking Song

Traffic – John Barleycorn

The Cat Empire – Party Started

The Cat Empire – The Wine Song (I know, not beer, but the AWESOMENESS of this song makes up for that)

Bob Marley – Jamming

Gogol Bordello – Dogs Were Barking

Street Dogs  – Drink Tonight (There’s no online media for that one, sorry)

Ugly Casanova – Things I Don’t Remember

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time

As I researched this I came to a couple of realizations. First off, I love my Celtic stuff. Ok, that’s not news to me. However, for drinking songs, they really do work. I find that a simple song structure with singable lyrics works really well, along with a strong beat to tap a foot to.

I know there’s a couple of odd ones like “Jamming,” which is not a drinking song at all, but have you been outside with a chill beer? It’s epic, in the most relaxing way. And “The Wine Song” is about wine, but is the right mood and sentiment, just different ingredients. I hold no ill will towards wine or other alcohols. I just madly prefer beer.

There’s plenty of drinking songs to be depressed to. I’ve even included a couple. And there’s a bunch of songs to fight to, with there’s one or two on in this list as well. The overall theme I’m going for though is a group of songs that are fun to drink to without being goofy. Have I succeeded? Probably not, in many people’s opinions, but at the same time maybe a few of you will go and add a couple of songs to your party playlist for next time.

Post-Script – Yes, I know I skipped over some classic country songs that are quite fitting for this list. I just don’t really like country to be honest, and therefore I can’t really tell the difference between good and bad country, and I’m not just going to put every song up that mentions beer in the lyrics.


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  1. Willie Nelson-Gotta Get Drunk (Demo Version)

  2. one bourbon, one scotch, one beer
    theres a tear in my bear
    family tradition

    hell, anything by hank williams jr/sr

  3. Great List, I’ve been searching for a bunch of drinking songs so that I can create the ultimate pandora play list. Thanks.

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