Beer on My Keyboard

So I just finished pouring the last of my bottle of Raspberry Wheat from Phillips. I’m going to just go ahead assume it’s an ale, because it is, but they don’t mention it on the bottle. Anyways, a drip just sploshed out of the pint glass and onto my key board. Luckily, nothing was harmed. Had you all worried, didn’t I?

Interesting thing about this beer? It’s got a very red hue to it, with no food die. Err, dye. Which isn’t a big surprise I guess, since raspberries are sometimes suggested as a natural way to colour something if you’re looking for pink.

So, um, ya, this is another fruit filled glass of beer and like the other two I’ve tried (Cannery’s Blackberry Porter, and a peach or an apricot one I’ve temporarily amnisiaed (I made up that word (and I just double, no, triple parenthesied this sentence)) out) it comes off super strong and super sweet straight out. There’s something about the fruit adjuncts that really causes them to blast out of bottles. I don’t notice it from draughts as much, though it’s rare to find a place serving a single-fruit beer. Usually they like to go with something that has a basket of fruit in it’s nose, not a single stalwart flavour.

Anywho, like the others, the stark start slims down a bit, though it is still the predominant flavour at the end of each sip. While this may be a wheat ale, you’re not gonna be adding any citrus to this, at least not the first bottle or two. If you’ve got a few, it might be an interesting experiment though. The fact this is a beer is even a little hidden, as there is no strong malt and no hops touch to it.

So I’d say try it, if you like the strong fruit beers or raspberries. On a patio it’d be a good choice for a sipper but not an automatic choice for me. Not really a “destination” beer, unless, you’re into that strong fruitiness. And if you’re looking for an intersting beer with hints of certain flavours, this ain’t your pot of tea.


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