Better Bitter

OK, So I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. In fact, I’ve written it before, twice at least. I had a full post all wrapped up and ready to go when WordPress logged me out.

Basterds.Mitchell's ESB

Well, since this is a beer blog I’ll save my social media rants for another day. Instead I’ll throw my attention to Mitchell’s ESB from Spinnakers. A wonderful beer, this is one of those that isn’t a sipper. It’s one that can destroy a stout man in his 20’s if he decides to let it. It’s a doozy of a dozer. A beer so easy to drink does not come easy. It’s one of those interesting ales that you don’t really know why, but find it tasty. Ok, enough use of these imprecise descriptamathingys.

Instead, poems! Limericks to be exact…ish.

This bitter is a better brew,
The opinion of you know who,
I don’t know why,
My pint is dry,
but my salad is a beery stew.

Ok, so that might not be an actual description of this beer, but part of the problem is that I don’t know how to describe or compare this bitter, due to the lack of bitters in the area, especially draughts.

From my online research there seems to be little difference between ESBs and pale ales. In fact, they could be synonymous, but there does seem to be a category for bitters, sort of a sub-category, like stouts or pilsners, but less obvious.

The bitters tend to be on the lighter scale of things, with a more crisp finish and hoppier flavour, similar to an IPA I guess. It sounds like they could be somewhere between lagers and IPAs, but definitely closer to the ales.

The interesting thing for me is that there is no real outstanding flavour in Mitchells. This might be a bad thing, but with only a bit of nutty coming through and some hops at the crisp finish, there is no real clear flavour. I guess some could call this weak, but I just call it one you can drink all night with out it becoming overwhelming, like some stouts or adjunct filled ales. The draught is better than the bottle, but there is no great difference between the two. They both just taste how I imagine a beer should, if it’s just called beer.

Ok, so I said poems, so here’s a second…and third

This beer is made from local hops,
and hard to find in local shops
I know it’s near
not far from here
but I’ve now made some fifty stops

This beer is made not far from here,
It’s flavour’s good though slightly queer,
The reason is
the brewing whiz
dropped the yeast and uses deer!

Ok, so there’s some repetition, but I’m a beer aficionado, not a poet laureate.


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