Rambling Post: Triple Beer Fury!

Ok, so I’ve been having difficulty figurin’ out how to write 400 words every time I want to blog about a beer. I know I’m apt to ramble on after I’ve had a pint. It’s one of my specialties, mumbling at length. However, Imma stop that practice and try to write more precise and concise reviews of beers and make them more common for your internet consumption and beer education, such as it can be coming from a young man currently swaying side to side like he’s on a ship travelling between Victoria and Vancouver. Actually, thats exactly what I’m doing. If I was tipsy maybe it’d counteract the sway and I’d stand perpendicular to the horizon? A perfect counter-sway?

Anyways, that’s exactly the type of off tangent expedition I’ll try to chop down.

On to the beer! After forcing you to read all that (maybe) I’m going to reward you with 3! beer reviews. Including my first really negative one!

First on the docket though is the Cutthroat Ale from Tree Brewing. Tree Brewing based out of Kelowna is definitely

Beer in it's natural habitat.

a group to watch with a couple awards to them and this one shows why. As hoppy as an IPA, this is a crisp little bugger with enough bite to scare away noobs. There’s a little bit of fruit in there, but it ends with a crisp finish. This is what I would consider a “warm day” beer, good for cooling off with, but it’s a sipper not one to really go at. It’s the kind you would take to a BBQ and share with friends who are into beer, and then watch someone whose interested but not too familiar with real beer taste it and make a face. There’s always a girlfriend or younger guy who does that.

Right, less rambling.

Ok, so Big Rock, you and I need to talk. You’ve got potential. But not with Gopher. This light lager is bitter and acidic. Some have described it as having a hint of vinegar. WTF? I was talking with a girl at one of the local portable beer repositories and she agreed that Big Rock needs to sort some stuff out. It’s got it’s fans, and Alberta isn’t exactly jumping on the micro bandwagon, and it seems that most of BRs beers are aimed at weening people away from the domestics. However, I’m not sure this will work. They seem to pander more towards the domestic norm, and they’ve been around for 20+ years (just sayin). The acidic note is too strong and there isn’t really much else too it. Maybe it was a bad keg, but other reviews tend to agree about it not being great (maybe I would find grass acidic?). It should be noted I had this on draft, I’m not sure if it makes a difference for this one, but hopefully it was some sort of bizzaro detriment (usually draft is noticeably better to canned/bottled craft brews).

Much less boring in person.

Finally, the one I was looking forward to. Dogfish Breweries IPA, the 60 minute version. This means (according to their website) that it has been continuously hopped for 60 minutes. I have to say, this was a really enjoyable beer. Not as hoppy as most of the IPAs I’ve had, or even the aforementioned Cutthroat, it was a slightly sweeter version with more fruit notes culminating in a crisp finish and mildly sweet aftertaste. The west coast seems to be heavy on the hops, so maybe the fact this bottle has travelled from Delaware is the reason for the difference, but it’s an enjoyable change. This is a much more complex beer than most IPAs and I wish I had gotten a couple bottles. Ah well.


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  1. Agreed on the Gopher front! Had it a couple days back and was thoroughly disappointed, especially since I’ve enjoyed a number of their other brews.

    Wonder what their head brewer was drinkin’ when he let that failure slip by.

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