Ahh, No! The Hopocalypse!

Sean. You were expecting?

Don't shake this one.

You know what goes great with something that rhymes with the apocalypse? The James Bond theme song. Ya, that’s right, the world is about to be saved from the hopocalypse by me. I’m the hero here, just let me at that growler.

Hmm, might need a sidekick for this one.

In celebration of turning 9 years old Phillips Brewery has done something very few 9-year-olds do. Made a kick-ass hopped up beer. And in keeping with the theme of life and prosperity they’ve a-mule-d us all with a name referencing the four horsemen.  You know, famine, disease, death and that other one. Every band has one you forget.

Anywho, they’ve introduced a beer worthy of a donkey caricature strapped with a bomb on it. Nope, it’s not a blueprint of the latest Al-Qaeda attack, it’s the label for the 9 donkeys of the hopocalypse. Dammit, forgot caps lock, hold on.


9 DONKEYS OF THE HOPOCOLYPSE is is engineered using Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Hallertauer, Millenium, Palisade and Simcoe hops. Yep, nine of them. And for each of those little hoppy notes there’s an alcohol point (meaning 9%) to put you on your ass.

So, that’s a whole lotta hype I just played for not being on their PR team. How does it stack up?

I don’t want it to end. While too hoppy for many I betchya, this is exactly what you expect from Phillips. Full hops flavour with citrus and floral notes it tastes fresh, like your standing in a field gently nibbling hops from the bush. Like a donkey. It’s fairly similar to their IPAs, and unless you’re an expert you wont be able to discern all the seperate hops. It is a type of IPA I guess. I haven’t actually seen an actual style listed by Phillips, but Beer Advocate lists it as an imperial IPA. That seems to jive. It really hits head on but will fade quick enough not to spoil the next sip. However, this is perfect for the dog days of summer, crisp and refreshing. I might suggest it as an alternative to an appy, you’ll need meal to let the buzz die down. Pairing this with food might not be the easiest thing. That’s why I did it with the bond song. Full circle, bam!

No Sean and don-key

The internet lacks a picture of Bond and a donkey. This'll do, right?


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  1. Oh brewers, what creative names they come up with. I always love the play on the religious past of beers. Now hopefully I can find this beer around me.

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