From the cutting room floor: “Limited Fruit Beer Release #1: Blueberry pale ale”

This was a post originally written in November 2010.

OK, so I know I’ve been away for awhile, but I won’t let this die quite that fast (editor’s note – please taste the irony as this was left in draft-form until Revival 2013). Anywho, trying to keep things shorter now.

This time I tried Phillips Twenty-four Mile Blueberry Pail Ale. While this is one of the longest names given to a beer, it was a strictly limited release. In August. I know, worst review ever, right?

So why am I doing it? Well, I put a ton of effort into getting my hands on the beer. Phillips released this pale ale in early August when I was out of province in a place where beer kinda sucks. Sorry, Alberta.

Blueberries, in case you were unfamiliar with them. Photo courtesy

When I got back I heard from a ton of people how great it was, and was promptly told by a two tons of people that it was awesome. BTW, 2 tons of people would be about 250 people, which might be a hyperbole here, my apologies folks.

So I sought out said beer, but fear came to fruition when everywhere said it was either sold out or on order. The seeker scored a hit at the local Liquor Plus joint when they pinky-swore to save me a bunch, if they got some.

Day in and out I swung by, even though, after a couple of days, they had my cell number on quick dial if the ale finally came.
Finally the day came and 4 or 5 bottles were mine, in a Phillips box. These babies never made it to shelf, like uncirculated collector coins. And there I was, preparing to drink my prize.

And then I did. And I was unimpressed.

Why had these warranted a spot on the local news? Why were people so jealous of the fruits of my quest? But I had multiple bottles. They sat in my fridge until I decided to nab another. Still no spectacular fusion of berry and beery. I had tried pouring a couple different ways, in different glasses, a few swigs from the bottle, temperature experiments…kind of something maybe, but nothing of note.

So today, months after it really should have been gone I am consuming the last bottle, sips in fact, of this apparent master piece. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest blueberry fan out there, but this is just pleasant. This might be the strongest bottle so far, but still, nothing to startle me out of my furiously-typing hunchbacked position.
So yeah, this review was all about the journey, because the review is late and average, like my homework.

As for actual details, the colour is unique, kinda like waterd down raspberry juice. It’s light in colour and flavour with the ale just peaking past the blueberry, which is a good strength I guess. Not super strong, not totally absent. If they had turned everything up a notch I would have been happier. I know some will say that November is the wrong month for this beer, but I was sipping it every other month, and past-Brendan and current-Brendan agree. Not the worst beer to be limited.


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