From the cutting room floor: “Limited Fruit Beer Release #2: Yes, There Will Be 2!”

ThYou want to go a third way?

This was a post originally written in November 2010.

Ok, so a less than descriptive title, but it’s an honest one at least. Which do you want? Honesty or Comprehension?

Both? Hmm, I’ll work on it.

So on to the beer I’m looking into right now. Granville Island Brewery’s Raspberry Wheat Ale is by far the reddest beer I’ve ever had. At first that was the best thing I could say about it. It was too sweet, almost juice. Literally, I couldn’t pull any malt flavour out out. And the ending was really tart. I would have guessed it was cider, especially when it poured with a soda like effervescence. But that was the first half of the 650 bottle. After some time breathing in a pint glass and warming a few degrees it has really opened up.

Put beer here for temporary storage


For the learners out there, that is actually a really good technique for a beer you find too strong, at least in my experiences. I do it all the time with bocks. I find them really overwhelming at first. Ready to head back with receipt in hand after the first bottle, I tried pouring it into a glass and slowly sipped on it. This seems like a wine thing, but totally takes the edge off and brings out some of the hidden complexity.

Anywho, back to this sweetie. It still is controlled by the raspberry but the aftertaste has lost some of the tartness due to the temperature  increase and the malt comes through a lot better, adding balance to the berries and tying it together better. I have to re-mention the colour here, it’s a really interesting cloudy pinkish hue, not like many other beers. When looking at this it’s no big surprise the flavour is what it is.

Final thoughts of the recent acquisition by Molson (GIB is now part of the Molson Coors Brewing Company) is that it’s an interesting release and is sure to draw fans, but it’s too sweet for me. If you’re looking to get a cider drinker interested in beer, this might be somewhere to start, or if you’re just into the fruit adjuncts it’ll be an interesting choice, but most won’t be as impressed.


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