Beer Review: Phillips Amnesiac

A sunny day beer.

A sunny day beer.

The Phillips Amnesiac is a double IPA (essentially a super-IPA with more hops, though there is an altered brewing technique to do it properly) hitting the 8.5 per cent alcohol by volume (A.B.V.) (hence the name referencing amnesia).

The double IPA refers to the fact this is an IPA with serious hop-heft. Phillips is known to be a fan of the hoppiest of beers, the more common Hop Circle IPA is one of the hoppiest IPAs in the area, and the brewery often does limited batches of a variety of IPAs. The Amnesiac takes Hop Circle’s flavours and aroma’s and cranks it all to 11 (though it seemed less citrus-y in my own experience). While there are beers hoppier out there, this  is still on the far end of the bell curve.

It pours a light golden colour with moderate carbonation. The flavours hit strong on the first sip, it’s a bit of a shock for new beer drinkers no doubt and isn’t a beer to for newcomers to IPAs; it’d frighten them off. However, it’s not intended as a sessional by any means. This is something to sit back and enjoy the flavours of, and the strength of the flavour makes it hard to ignore.

Over all I probably worked through my 650 mL bottle over an hour. Which was fine. Even though it warmed a little and the flavour slipped off a little, either due to my becoming accustomed or the slow warmth/dissipation of carbonation, it held up well the entire time. In fact, it might have been better at the end. The lower carbonation, temperature and more acclimatized senses allowed for a smoother sip.And drinking it any faster would have really changed my afternoons plans. By the end I felt the effects of the 8.5 per cent, but wasn’t really inebriated.

The social media beer rating site RateBeer puts the Amnesiac at a very solid 94, two better than little brother Hop Circle (92), while BeerAdvocate gave a has it listed at a respectable 88 (with Hop Circle a notch below at 87). The 650 mL bottle to the left is what I drank.


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  1. One of my favourite beers!

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