Beer Review: Tree Brewing Cutthroat Pale Ale


Tree Brewing, based in Kelowna, is one of the larger of the craft brewers outside of the lower mainland/southern Vancouver Island region with a solid base built over the last 17 years. One of their “go to” styles is the pale ale, the style virtually every brewer in B.C. makes. Their flagship pale ale (the one they make year round) is the Cutthroat, which the brewery calls as a West Coast Pale Ale. West Coast Pale Ales aren’t really a defined style in my book, though a search of the web generally describes them as a classic pale ale variant on the darker/amber range with a more hoppy lean.

And if you’re looking for an example, Cutthroat fits that profile pretty good. It seems to sit between a pale ale and an Indian pale ale. For people who like hops, this is a good choice if you’re looking for something not as strong as a Driftwood Fat Tug or any of Phillips variants. For those not a fan of IPAs I’d still suggest letting this one pass. It’s probably still a little strong (flavour-wise) for those looking for an introduction to the flavours hops bring to the table. However, being a pale ale there are some malt flavours as well, adding a bit of sweetness. Neither flavour lingers and it finishes dry, kinda there and gone. This could be considered as a session ale maybe, for people who normally drink highly hopped beers.

Basic info: I had a regular bottle (part of a taster pack from Tree). Alcohol is 5 per cent.

RateBeer puts it in low at 64, but BeerAdvocate scores it higher at 84. My own two cents here is that it’s been around for awhile and is a fairly average brew. It’s going to have some fans where it’s right what they like, but it’s not got any spectacular characteristics. The 64 is a bit low, but understandable, given that it’s not scoring that low anywhere, but not great anywhere either.


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  1. Thanks for that I will take that in to consideration – L

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