Someone did it Better

For me, a big part of this project is to help bridge the gap that seems to be growing between craft beer drinkers and people who like good beer. There seems to be a worrying growth in wine levels of snobbery, something I’ve always tried to avoid, though not always successfully (and I’m not that well versed in beer).

Well, I’m not the only one talking about this, so here’s another person with a similar opinion to mine. Nothing like having the choir preach for you.

The Coles Notes version of this is to say that there are some basic things that you should do and know to drink beer properly, but don’t be intimidated by people who list off reams of data and info, trying to prove how much they know. Beer is for one thing above all else; enjoyment.


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Canadian male. Likes to travel. Blogs about it. You know, that sort of stuff.

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  1. I like that last line, Beer is for enjoyment! L

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