About the Guy Behind the Words

A student at Thompson Rivers University  Brendan Kergin has long wondered how to bring his enjoyment of brewing into his education. This blog is an excellent opportunity for this mix.

It will be covering B.C.’s independent and micro brewers, beer brewed in B.C and related subjects with an aim to help explain beer to novices from the perspective of a novice.

A warning; there are opinions in here. Like saying the Budweiser is not a good beer. That is an opinion, not a scientific fact.

Also, full disclosure, I’m currently working for the Noble Pig Brewpub as a dishwasher, so I won’t write about that much do to conflict of information.

  1. Brendan, I tried to send you an email about the scholarship fund idea. The email b.kergin@gmail.ca has not gone through after 24 hours. Is this yours? Please email me at allan@zephyradventures.com.

    Allan Wright

  2. I disagree good sir, “Budweiser is not a good beer” is a fact.

  3. Hey Brendan

    Where are you? Been a while since your last post!
    Hope everything’s alright

    All the best


  4. I will read this. I will. Ball back in your court.

  5. “Budweiser is not a good beer. That is an opinion, not a scientific fact.” … Says who?

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